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We always turn to Inkling as a first choice for assessments, guidance and professional support on any project where overheating risk has to be carefully managed and thought about in early design. Whether it is a schools project, housing or a research commission we know that we will have thoughtful and clearly articulated advice and modelling BUT most importantly a fantastic collaborative participation from Susie, Claire and colleagues. Working with Inkling we have found that the whole team – clients, contractors and designers, benefits from their depth of knowledge and patient resolution of complex technical challenges.

Richard Partington
Director – Studio Partington

The impressive thing about working with Inkling is not just the deep technical knowledge but the focus on applying advanced techniques in real-world situations to achieve measurable impacts. Closing the feedback loop between advanced modelling and real-life performance is key to the future of our industry and Inkling are clearly committed to making a difference and not just ‘turning the handle’. They consistently bring value each time we work with them.

William Box
Managing Director – Carnego Systems

On Eden, the UK’s first new building to achieve a 5.5 star NABERS UK Design for Performance target rating Inkling’s expert team proved invaluable in steering the project through the Independent Design Review progress. Providing valuable guidance on the design, modelling and most importantly the operation of the building to enable it operate at peak efficiency at achieving a high as possible NABERS UK rating. This has resulted in the building becoming one of the only commercial office buildings in the UK to be aligned with the CRREM 1.5oC energy intensity trajectory all the way out to 2050 and beyond. Inkling’s expert and professional advice and guidance was vital for this outcome.

Simon Wyatt
Sustainability Partner – Cundall

In today’s climate, where achieving net-zero carbon buildings is paramount, Inkling’s work as a NABERS DfP reviewer shines through. Their deep understanding of energy modelling and building services design has provided us with detailed and invaluable guidance in our effort to de-risk designs while delivering high-quality, net-zero buildings and bridging performance gap.

Their expertise is not only necessary but also exemplary in the pursuit of sustainable built environments.

Yorgos Koronaios 
Associate – Sustainable Design – Savills Earth

I have worked with Susie on the development and update of TM59 over many years. We have collectively done this on an entirely voluntary basis (even though it became the basis of Part O) and Susie’s dedication to driving it forward has been brilliant. I know Inkling are involved in numerous voluntary activities and a massive asset to the industry despite their size. This deserves recognition!

Becci Taylor
Director – Arup

We have worked very closely with Inkling on ‘Delivering Net Zero’, a significant energy modelling study for 18 London boroughs. This complex study compared Part L and predictive energy modelling results for eight different building types. The knowledge, experience and wisdom of all members of the Inkling team in the field of building performance and energy modelling has been a critical success factor. Their work ethics and openness to collaboration have also been also an example to follow.
Inkling’s contribution to industry-wide initiatives with CIBSE and LETI, with their leadership on the LETI Operational modelling guide, as well as on Part O and overheating in particular, is the evidence that they go further and beyond their project work to positively influence the industry.
If we are to mitigate the impact of buildings on climate change, the quality of energy modelling needs to improve significantly and represent building performance more accurately. Inkling are a critical ‘engine’ of this evolution in the UK, leading the way and sharing openly what they learn. We hope that CIBSE will recognise the significant positive contribution of this woman-led organisation to the industry and the critical issue of building performance in particular.

Thomas Lefevre
Director – Etude

I’ve worked with Claire and Susie at Inkling on a number of projects over the last 7 years and their depth of knowledge and enthusiasm makes them stand out from the crowd. We collaborated with Inkling on a research project with Loughborough University on overheating in homes, their knowledge of CIBSE’s TM59 and their expertise as seasoned dynamic thermal modelling users provided invaluable insight into some of the problems we faced. We have also worked with Claire in her capacity as a NABERS modeller and independent design reviewer (IDR) where her understanding of both thermal modelling, HVAC systems modelling and the application to the final building design has helped the design team progress toward their targets.
Both Susie and Claire are also very approachable, knowledgeable and excellent at conveying concepts and information to the people they work with. This was clearly demonstrated when I worked with them on the industry collaborative project, LETI’s ‘Operational Modelling Guide, where their perseverance and tenacity in driving the project forward ensured the project delivered an excellent piece of industry guidance.

Ben Abel
Director – Hilson Moran